Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where does the time go?

Time has been flying by me. I was just looking on here and realized I have not posted anything since October!!!
We have been super busy, Shane travels most weeks with his job. It has made for some crazy weeks.
We had a wonderful Christmas with Wyatt here. Shane had the opportunity to be off work the whole time he was down. It made for a great holiday for all of us. We had great family time, we went to Universal Studios on the coldest day California has had, in my opinion!! We went to see Tron, Yogi Bear, and went bowling. We had a New Years party at Nana and Papa's house. We could not of asked for better family time with Wyatt.
2011 has started off to a pretty good start. We have made many new year goals. We are now into February and I am sticking to most of them. I am dedicating this year to taking care of myself. I believe that the past couple of years have been stressful with Shane in and out of work. Our big move to California! I have not concentrated on taking care of me. I have just been stressed trying to make it day to day. With Shane working and that stress for the most part is gone I can start to think about me. I don't think I am being selfish, I believe you need to take care of yourself first to better take care of others.
Shane's birthday was in January! We had a great birthday weekend for him. When I asked him what he would like to do, he wanted to go to Disneyland and spend the night down there. That is what we did. We were able to spend the day at Disneyland and meet up with our great friends Brad and Shelley, also Shelley's mom Margie and sister Stacey joined us. It was so fun. The park was not too busy. We got on everything we wanted to. It was a fun day for Shane. The nice part was going right to the hotel a few minutes away at the end of the night. Normally we have a drive back home. That was nice.
I have lots of pictures to post but I need Shane to help me! Stay tune for that last six months of pictures!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall is Here!!

I love the fall weather we have been having. It has been raining this week. On Sunday night Shane turned on our fireplace. It was so nice to lay on the couch with my blanket on with the fire going and watching one of our favorite t.v. shows.
We were so blessed this past week to have family in town. Last Sunday Oct. 9th Chad and family came into town. On Wed. Oct 12th Gary, Diane, and Wyatt came. Everyone left this past weekend but it was so fun. We went to Disneyland, the market place, pumpkin patch. We just had great family time.
Shane started a much needed new job. We are so excited for the great possibilities it has to offer. I love Shane and I am excited for him to have this great opportunity.
This weekend we will celebrate our 6th anniversary!!! So excited to spend time together. We are also looking forward to the holidays. We get to bring Wyatt down. We can't wait!
Happy fall everyone!! I will post pictures soon.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eyes wide open!!

Shane and I were reading in D&C 122 last night. The last post I wrote was about D&C 121. Both of these chapters are about the time when Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail. I find it so interesting and relate it so much to life right now. I love in 122 where Heavenly Father list all these things that can or are happening to Joseph Smith and then in verse 8 he says "The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he?" That is humbling. I sometimes complain in my prayer and to my husband about all the whoa's of life. But when it is put that way it stops you in your tracks.
I also love that in verse 9 it says "fear not what man can do, for God shall be with you forever and ever." I know God is with me in everything I do. It is great to know that I am not alone on this journery. That God is all knowing and if I turn to him for guidance I will receive it. I know the Lord understand my trials and I need not to complain to him about them.
Would it not be great to know Heavenly Father's plan for us? I think if only I knew how this will turn out I might not have to stress so much or have more patience though this journey. I would not wonder why I am not getting pregnant. I would understand the plan if it will happen at all or if that is not in the plan for Shane and I. Things like that would be nice to know.
Life is going good here in Cali. The weather has been great. I am loving the feel of fal in the air. We are heading into my favorite time of year-all the holidays to celebrate and be with family. My mom made pumpkin bread and sent that over for us tonight. I am excited to have that for breakfast. This time of year is great and I have alot to be thankful for.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reading the scriptures is an amazing thing. You can read them many times and different things come into your mind or make sense at different times in your life. I really find comfort in this scripture:

Doctrine and Covenants 121: 7-9 "My son, peace be unto thy soul; thine adversity and thine afflictions shall be but a small moment; And then, if thou endure it well, God shall exalt thee on high; thou shalt triumph over all thy foes. Thy friends do stand by thee, and they shall hail thee with warm hearts and friendly hands. Thou are not yet as Job..."

I like the part that "Thou are not yet as Job..." It means to me that life can be alot worse. That my life is not as bad as I think it is sometimes. I have a great family, a great husband that loves me. Life is great!! I complain alot especially to my husband about things that really don't matter. I do wake up everyday trying to be a better person. I better wife, a better daughter to my earthly parents and my Heavenly Father, and just better in everything I do. Somedays I suceed and other days I don't. But the fact is that I am trying.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Garage Sale!!

It is finally over. We started last weekend preparing to have a garage sale. I am not the garage sale type. I don't go to garage sales. I have a germ issue and really don't like to touch other peoples stuff so to have it in my house would make me sick not knowing where it came from. But a few months back my dad said it would be a great idea to go through our stuff and then try to sale it. So that is what we did! We combined it with my parents, brother and cousin Matt.
I think it turned out pretty good. We sold lots of things. It is amazing to me that when you are going through your things you think oh someone would love to buy this. It is the odd stuff that people want to buy. Also they want it cheap. You say one dollar and they want it cheaper. The things I thought would sale didn't!!
The best part of having it this weekend was that at the stake center we had the DI bins and so after the garage sale we took everything that was left right over. That was the best part for me. All the stuff is offically gone!!!!
Other than that we are having a great weekend being together.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Pictures

Shane, Wyatt and I


Micheal, Wyatt and Corbin

Brian, Brandie, Micheal, and Corbin

Nana, Micheal, Wyatt, and Corbin
Papa, Micheal, Wyatt, and Corbin

Papa, Nana, Micheal, Wyatt, and Corbin

Fall is in the air

This weekend here in California feels like fall. We have had a very mild summer and this past week the heat has been showing its face. But this weekend we had beautiful weather and makes me want fall to be here. But before that happens I will share all our summer events.

Summer was super busy like aways. We had Wyatt down for a month. It went by so fast and we had great family time. We went to the beach, disneyland, universal studios, medival times, Utah, and Yellowstone. But most of all we were together as a family and it was wonderful.

I have mentioned in past posts about my Grandpa and his failing health. This summer he really took a turn for the worst. He was put back in the hopsital and he was not getting better. He finally said he has had enough. He no longer wanted dialysis. He did not want to be touched, he didn't want to eat. He just wanted to go home and be a peace his last days on this earth. So we all went along with his wishes. On Monday August 2nd he was discharged from the hospital and went home. He was set up with a team of hospice. He was at peace, he was home. All the family came to see him all week to visit. As the week progressed he got weaker and weaker. On Friday August 6th most of the family here in California went to see him. We felt like we needed to go that night to see him. He was so weak that he slept through all the noise of the family. I think he was at peace with everyone around. Sometime early morning Saturday August 7th he passed away in his sleep. He was at peace, he fought a good fight with his health. He was loved so much by family and friends, it was his time to return home to Heavenly Father and be out of his pain. We had a funeral in his honor on Wednesday August 11th. I love my wonderful Grandpa! I have such great memories of growing up and he is in most of them. My summers were filled with swimming in his pool, he was a great swim coach. The summer before I tried out for the high school swim team I was in his pool everyday with him coaching me and timing me. My main swimming event in High School was the 500 freestyle that is 50 laps in the pool. I did that event with ease. I had to swim hundreds of laps in my grandpas pool before he would let me take a break. He was a great man and I am so glad for the great memories I have. I am greatful that we had so much time with him this past year. Taking him to dialysis some times felt like a chore or a hastle but the time that Shane and I were able to spend with him was priceless.

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